Just Ship.

There are a lot of people with ideas in the world, but to find people who actually have decent ideas and have the guts and discipline to create them, well, that’s exceedingly rare. People tell me about their ideas a lot. Because I work in the tech and product design world, I get pitched on a lot of stuff. But I’ve come to a disappointing conclusion: most people are full of shit. They can’t execute, and it’s too damn bad.

Talking about your ideas is pointless. Sure, it’s good to get feedback and help hone your concept, but until you actually build and ship the thing, you’re just blowing smoke. Another idea guy with nothing but talk.

I get it, you think it’s hard to do this stuff, that it takes too much time, that you don’t have the talent. These are all excuses, nothing but excuses. Each objection you have to shipping your idea out the door into the world is nothing but a combination of fear and laziness. Just ship.

Here’s the beautiful thing about shipping: the more you ship, the better you get at it, and the less fear you have. Have an idea for a website? Give yourself a week to build it, then ship it. I don’t care if it’s the ugliest thing in the world, ship it. Have an idea for a new business? Write the business plan, summary, pitch deck, whatever you have to do, and go present it to someone. Like, within the week.

A lot of people say that you just need to get started. “Just take the first step”, they’ll say. To be honest, I used to say the same thing. But I’ve realized it’s all bullshit. Starting is important, but shipping is 10x more important. You can start all you want, but if you never get it into the world, it’s worthless. Worthless.

So, listen. If you’ve ever said, “I want to build a…” or “It’d be cool if we could create…” or “I want to start…”, then just do it. But don’t just go through the motions. Get it out the door, FAST, and start making it into something awesome.

There are no points for talking or building, only shipping. Just ship.

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