How to Post to Private Slack Channels from Zapier

Zapier is cool. We use it at Crowdsync to automate a bunch of things, oftentimes, needing to post to a private channel on Slack to deliver some kind of notification. We’ve got a private support channel, and a private monitoring channel, letting us know when support requests come in, or when new users register, respectively.

When we first set this up, I was kinda bummed. It didn’t look like Zapier would let you post to private channels on Slack. But, some experimentation led to a simple solution.

When setting up a Zap with Slack, first, set it up to send a channel message:

channel message setup

Next, authorize your Slack account, or choose the one you want to use:


After you’ve done that, you’ll setup this template. This is where you’ll choose the channel, but alas, I only see my public channels in the “Channel” list!


Here’s the trick:

From this list, select “Use a Custom Value (advanced)”:

Then, in the box below that one, which says “Custom Value for Channel ID”, simply type in the name of your private channel:


Boom! You’re in business! Go ahead and set the rest of the template up and give it a test. You should now see your notifications coming into your private channels!

Hope this helps you be more productive with Zapier and Slack!

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